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about no small parts

Welcome! no small parts is an interview-style educational podcast that aims to shed light on the many entryways into producing theatre, the numerous forms [producing] theatre can take, and the benefits of doing so. It is Brittany's intention that this podcast be a resource for young and emerging artists.

about Brittany

Brittany is a compassionate educator, administrator, and artist committed to that which elevates the growth of young people via exploration/inquiry. Brittany holds a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary English Education from Brown University, where she focused her research on integrating the theatre arts into her classroom. Her research results culminated into an article, “Navigating Nonfiction through Drama: Using Choral Reading to Create a Transaction with the Text,” which was published in English Journal.

Brittany also studied at Indiana University Bloomington, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Drama, English, and Spanish with a minor in Telecommunications. Theatrically, Brittany is passionate about cultivating more "Young Adult theatre"  and crafting tools to prepare others in beginning their theatrical journeys. She is excited by theatre that plays with language, flirts with longstanding literature, and is cause for the birth of new words/ ideas. Today, Brittany pursues these passions of theatrical creation through research, performance, playwriting, and producing.


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